Ultimate Match-Three

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Ultimate Match-Three

Ultimate Match-Three

Getting Started Guide

Hello! My name is Yurov Viktor – I’m the developer of this engine for making games in genre «Match-Three». First of all I want to thank you for purchase it and I suggest to get acquainted. For this I want to ask you to provide me with minimal information about you – this information will help me grandly in improving this product, and it will help you to get support much faster, as well as you will get all the most important information about the product one of the first. I’m talking about updates, add-ons, bug fixes, etc.
First, let’s import the product into Unity, if you haven’t already done so. Open Unity, create a new empty project and import the package with Match-Three.
If you received Ultimate Match-Three as an .unitypackage archive, you should open it by double-clicking, or though the Unity: Assets > Import Package… > Custom Package…

But if you purchased it through the Unity Asset Store, then use the Unity special window to access the store: Window > Asset Store
When the project is open, you will see a form in which you can type information about yourself: name, company (if any), team size, email and invoice number. Invoice number can be found on a store website, where you made a purchase, or in a letter confirming the purchase.

You can close this form and fill it later, or don’t fill it at all. But I urge, please, do it – let’s be friends, only so we can make your game the best in the world 🙂
If you have closed the form, it will be shown again later. But you can open it right now through BerryPanel: Window > BerryPanel -> Product Info

Now open a main scene of the game. It is located by next path: _Yurowm / UltimateMatchThree / Scenes / Game.unity
This completes the initial setup. Now you can start the game – everything should work.
If you have any problems or additional questions, you can contact me directly by email. Here is my address:


Also you can save your time and contact me directly the Unity editor. To do this, use BerryPanel again: Window > BerryPanel -> Support


This product is equipped with a very useful tool called Fixer. This is a subprogram built into the project, the purpose of which is to automatically fix the mistakes made by me during the development process. These can be bugs found by me personally, or bugs, which I was informed by you or anyone else who also use this product. Also this can be improvements, new features and updates for editors.
Fixer works autonomously. Once per hour, it requests for information about new improvements. If they are, it downloads them and, with your permission, implements them in the project.
This tool is very useful in case you aren’t going to modify the source code of the project very much. Otherwise, Fixer gets confused and can’t work correctly. In this case, you can disable it in BerryPanel.Fixer:

In this case, if you will find a bug, you can also contact me, and I will try to help you to fix this bug without using this tool.

Why am I telling you about this? This tool allows me to significantly reduce the number of existing versions due to the fact that I do not need to release new versions with bug-fixes. So keep Fixer on and you will not have to worry about new versions.
As for a new content, this material is delivered in the form of add-ons, which can be installed on top of this project. It can be downloaded via BerryPanel.DLC.
New versions of Ultimate Match-Three will still be released, but they will contain only improvements from the Fixer, as well as free add-ons, which were mentioned above. Therefore, your version of the product is always the most recent and the most relevant.
New versions, change lists and the roadmap can be found in BerryPanel.Roadmap.


The project contains hidden code, it means that some features can be added/removed from the project very quickly by one-click.
For example, to integrate the Google AdMob ad network into the game, it’s enough to import the appropriate plug-in into the project, and then to enable the necessary code in the BerryPanel.SDSymbols editor. And to click the Save button.

After this manipulations, the settings for the new ad network will appear in the editor of BerryPanel.Advertising.


This document is only a small set of knowledge necessary to get started with Ultimate Match-Three. The rest of the documentation is as alive as the project itself. It is in the editor of BerryPanel.Manual. This is a kind of browser created only for the documentation.

It is very likely that you will not be able to find any information you need for this source. Therefore, I urge you to contact me for help personally. I will help you and, if necessary, I will add a new material into the documentation.